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5 Ways to Stay Positive During the Coronervirus Pandemic

March 31, 2020



With all the tragic things that are happening around us as at the moment, it is important to stay positive in order to cope with the stress of the situation.  Below are a few ideas that may help you stay positive and also create moments of happiness in your day:


  1. We can feel bombarded by new bulletins so try to choose a single news source and limit the time you spend with it day.
  2. Savour the small moments. The smell of coffee, a warm shower, the spring flowers, the birds singing. Allowing time for the mind to process these feelings will boost your serotonin, a feel good hormone which will elevate your mood.
  3. Spend some quality time wit loved ones who are in lockdown with you. Giving them a hug can boost oxytocin levels which in turn can switch off cortisol, the stress horomone.
  4. Look after your neighbours, the elderly or less fortunate people in your area.  When you tune in to the positive contribution you are making, you are united with others in hope.
  5. Set up and stick to a routine. This can help build energy stores to cope with other aspects of your day that are being made more difficult. Maybe start the day with one or two of your favorite yoga poses to get your energy moving.

This is your opportunity to take charge of your mental health and boost your immunity.

5 Yoga Tips for New Year & New You

December 31, 2019

I wish everyone a tranquil, healthy and happy New Year.

Classes will be taking place throughout January in the lovely warm and peaceful Chapel Court.

Here are a few tips for the New Year & New You.

  1. Respect your body’s inner wisdom and limitations. Don’t push yourself to do anything that feels dangerous or wrong for you. In yoga you need strength as well as flexibility to keep the joints stable. Practice ‘Ahimsa’,  not harming your precious body.
  2. Detoxification of the body is one of the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. It releases stress and toxins stored from deep within. Asanas that twist the body are great for this.
  3. Strengthen your immune system with inverted poses like Downward Dog. Inversions move immune strengthening cells through the lymphatic system.
  4. Spending just a few minutes doing a little breathing practice or meditation can sharpen your mind and enable you to make sharp decisions.
  5. Sleep is essential to overall well-being and health. When you sleep better you have more energy to be active. Insight Timer a free app has lots of relaxations and Yoga Nidra to help get a good nights sleep.

5 Yoga Tips to Raise Your Vibration and Become Best Possible Version of Yourself

August 30, 2019
  1. By moving your body your vibration will begin to move. and increase. When we sit for long period our vibration becomes static and low.
  2. Walking and exercising barefoot is part of a process called grounding which allows us to receive a charge of energy from the earth.
  3. Breath is prana, life force energy, the ultimate source of life. Breathing exercises raise your vibration at a cellular level.
  4. Stretching your body raises your vibration by releasing blockages and tension within muscles. This enables the pranic energy to flow more freely.
  5. Spending time with high vibration people will leave you feeling calmer, more peaceful and joyful.

5 Benefits of Raising your Vibration::

  1. Creativity will flow more freely.
  2. You will feel happier and healthier. It is difficult for disease to exist in cells with high vibration.
  3. You will find solutions to problems more easily.
  4. You will become more intuitive. It is difficult to interpret gut feelings if you are tired an exhausted.
  5. Love flourishes when you feel blissful, happy and amazing.

5 Yoga Tips for Spring

April 23, 2019

  1. Breath deeply and say thank you to the universe. The more we express our thanks the more abundant our lives will be.
  2. Stimulate your circulation with a few rounds of Sun Salutations or Cat/Cow pose.
  3. Burn away winter lethargy by igniting your fire (Agni) with postures that utilize large muscle groups such are Warrior postures or Chair.
  4. Detoxify your liver and kidney with twisting postures.  Do the same for your digestive tract with the Bow.
  5. Meditate to detoxify your mind and give yourself the power to choose how you exercise, eat, drink and breath.

5 Tips to Inspire your Yoga Practice in 2019

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year  

Hatha Yoga Classes are resuming  in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow on 7th January.  Full details can be found on the Classes page.  If you wish to join any of the classes please call me on 01625 585595.

To help inspire your yoga I have detailed below a few tips from

  1. Put the emphasis on your internal experience rather than your outer performance.
  2. Learn to experience the sensation of movement, down to the tiniest micro movement.
  3. Always try to find your “edge” — the place where your body feels challenged, but not overwhelmed. When you achieve this, keep an open, accepting state of mind.  Give yourself permission to rest when you’re tired.
  4. Combine your yoga with positive self-talk. Appreciate your efforts and praise your inner goodness.
  5. Recognize that you are not only working on your body, but are also working to develop qualities like patience, discipline, wisdom, kindness and gratitude.  Realize your efforts are not just inspiring you, but also inspiring others as you become more attuned to who you are, inside and out.