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Summer Yoga 2018

April 2, 2018

Bookings are now being taken for the spring term which commences on Monday, 9th April.  You will find details of all classes under the “Classes” section.

The body can become tight during the cold months of winter. When the weather becomes warmer, the heat penetrates our muscles. This loosens up the body and provides an opportunity for the body to flow softly into poses. This is an ideal time to obtain deeper flexibility.


Thank You So Much

January 19, 2017

014aaa96-c183-c972-941f3897002d913aI would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the Charity Candlelit Yoga on Saturday 14th January 2017 in Aid of Cancer Research.  A total of £1,173 was raised which I believe is a truly wonderful achievement.  This is a charity that is very close to my heart and am grateful to everyone who attended for their support.



Charity Candlelit Yoga

December 16, 2016

downloadI am arranging an afternoon of candlelit yoga at the Festival Hall, Alderley Edge on Saturday, 14th January to raise money for Cancer Research.

The festivities of Christmas will have passed and this will be an opportunity to dedicate a little time to yourself.

It will be starting at 2.30 pm and finishing at 5.30 pm, with doors opening at 2pm to enable everyone to get settled on their mats. During the afternoon your will be balancing and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. You may be surprised at what can be achieved in such a short time. You will leave feeling amazing and energised, ready to focus on your dreams and wishes for 2017.

The afternoon will include:

  •  Introduction
  • Yoga Flow
  • Love and Peace Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Drinks & Nibbles

There are limited places, available, approx. 50, so booking is essential. The cost of attending is £20 which will be required to secure your booking.

If you wish to attend kindly email me at


Namaste – Tips to Improve your Life

June 5, 2016



Namaste Tee by Manukalife

I love to end my yoga classes by saying Namaste.  We hold our hands in front of our heart chakra, or move them from our third eye to our heart, and then bow our heads as we say the Sanskrit greeting Namaste.  To find the literal meaning of Namaste, the word needs to be broken down into 3 parts.  Nama means ‘bow’, as means ‘I’ and te means ‘you”.  I bow to you.

Below are some translations for the word Namaste which are in general use:

  • The divine in me bows to the divine in you.
    It is an expression of gratitude and equality. In yoga it is good to use it to honour the teacher, ourselves
  • The highest in me recognises the highest in you.
    It is wonderful to consider the best and highest in each other.  It encourages less judgement and more compassion. It also enables us to consider the bigger picture when difficulties arise.
  • My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.
    This is my favorite interpretation.  It acknowledges that my spirit and your spirit are one.  It also encourages us to treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Tips to Help You Sleep

March 31, 2016

It is extremely important that we get enough sleep as durifng this period complex processes take place to energise and repair the millions of different cells within your body. However, there may be imes when you may have difficulty getting off to sleep. At such times the following exercise may help you.  All you need to do is read through the following passage when you are ready to go to sleep.

  • Remember a time when you felt very tired, and remember how your body felt.
  • Now, keep that feeling and imagine you are surrounded by some of your friends who are just as tired as you.
  • As you look around, notice that one of them yawns. Watch them yawn. Then another one yawns.
  • As more people begin to yawn, notice how you feel, and notice that some people are having difficulty keeping their eyes open.
  • And now let yourself join in the yawning.
  • Notice whether your eyes want to close, and even if your  eyes are already closed, imagine them closing again, imagine them flickering then closing again, over and over again.
  • Yawn again and notice where you feel the yawn -in your throat or jaw – and let your mind drift, and every time you find yourself drifting back again, just look around again at the circle of tired yawning people.
  • As you yawn more, notice a warm, comfortable feeling spreading around you, and let yourself drift again.

By Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna 2009

5 Tips to Make Your Yoga Session Sparkle

September 1, 2015



Yoga classes are not just for the perfectly toned body, yoga is for everyone.  These simple tips will help you get the most out of your yoga class and make your sessions sparkle.





  1.  Try to arrive a few minutes early.  You don’t want to spend your time getting rid of the stress created by rushing to class.
  2. Don’t worry about being inflexible.  The only difference between a bendy person and someone who is less flexible is that the flexible person has further to go to get the same stretch. Every person’s body is different and you should only do what feels comfortable and safe.
  3. Don’t feel that you are being judged or watched by others.  Stay focused on yourself, recognising your own abilities and limitations.  Yoga is a journey not a destination.  Enjoy the journey.
  4. Stop being so critical.  Don’t get frustrated if you are unable to achieve the perfect Tree or unable to hold that Triangle as long as you would like. Nothing will ever be perfect, there is always room for improvement.  That is why it is a yoga practice!
  5. Retain that relaxed, calm feeling during the coming week by bringing attention to the breath periodically.  Just stopping  what you are doing for a minute or two and focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath can bring back that feeling of peace.

5 Reasons to Spring Clean with Yoga

March 20, 2015

Feel Your Ultimate Power


As the sun gets warmer leaving behind winter, this is the perfect time to spring clean your body and mind with some cleansing, releasing yoga.  Heading into spring our bodies long to start moving and clean out the toxins that have accumulated over the winter months.


1.  The gentle squeezing of muscles during yoga asana helps to mobilise the lympb which carries nutrients and removes waste.

2.  As you stretch idle muscles and use them, toning and strengthening them, higher awareness is developed in the nervous system improving concentration and lateral thinking.

3. As you become aware of tension you hold in joints in muscles, you  gradually learn to release it, freeing energy for other purposes.

4.  The squeezing and twisting movements massage the abdominal area which will enhance your digestive system.

5. The breathing practices in yoga improve health by bringing more oxygen into the body and eliminating carbon dioxide.