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August 6, 2010

This week’s session was on backbends. Backbends open the heart chakra, build strength and courage, and provide us with the energy that enables us to reach out to others. When practicing backbends one needs to accept and accommodate any resistance. This will still enable you to receive the intended benefits of:

  • Increasing flexibility of the spinal column improving posture.
  • Increasing the blood supply to the spinal area toning the spinal nerves.
  • Stretching the abdomen aiding digestion.

The idea is not to achieve the perfect backbend but one that is stable and comfortable for your body and glows with an inner experience of joy and freedom. The main purpose of backbends is simply to open the front of the body. You probably instinctively do this after long periods of time being hunched forward over a computer or in the garden. If you follow this link you will find some yoga exercises that you may like to practice during the day at work.

When you practice backbends by honouring resistance, working with integrity and sensitivity the result is an inevitable transformation. Your joints open more, you become stronger and more flexible. Your heart opens into greater self-acceptance and compassion for others. So, practice backbends in a way that your body enjoys without forcing yourself into poses that reflect only what your body wishes it could do. Embrace the sanctuary that yoga can offer.

Next week’s session is on forward bends when we will be looking Janu Shirshasana the Head to Knee Pose.


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