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Balancing Postures

August 26, 2010

Next week’s lesson is on balancing when we will be looking at the Dancer, Natrajasana. In Yoga we do a lot of balancing on our feet, arms, shoulders and even head.  Health and yoga is all about finding balance, a balanced lifestyle leads to a healthy body. Your yoga practice should not only be balanced but should balance you.  Everyone possesses a natural sense of pose, which allows postures to be held with ease.  However, balances require a strong mental focus and are an excellent gauge of concentration.   The body should feel strong and centred in a balance with your mind becoming ever more still and peaceful.  Balances can be difficult, but rather than trying harder, practice with a greater sense of awareness, letting go of tension and allowing the breath to flow softly.

Here are a few tips that you may wish to keep in mind when balancing:

  • Keep your head centred and find a focus for your eyes, gently resting your eyes on that point throughout.  You might even like to try moving your eyes around or closing them briefly to see how much more difficult it is.
  • Focusing on the two way extension can also help you balance.
  • In standing balances, do not roll on to the outside of your feet or clench your toes.
  • Be kind to yourself, use a wall or chair to help you find your balance with greater ease.
  • Listen to the breath and keep the energy flowing by breathing smoothly.
  • A relaxed smile on your face will also do wonders for your ability to balance.

This session will take place at 7.30 on Thursday at the Dance Studio, Wilmslow High School, Holly Road, Wilmslow.


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