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Incorporating Satya (Truthfulness) In Your Yoga Practice

September 17, 2010

The theme for this week’s classes is Satya, Truthfulness, the second of Patanjali’s Yamas.  It encompases the concept of communication and maintaining honesty in both behaviour and thought. During your yoga practice it is important to assess how you feel on a particular day so that you do not push beyond your physical limit in difficult poses.  Work at your own level at all times, without the need to apologise for doing so.  Look at the whole pose, no just the flattering parts nor just the unflattering parts.  The pose is too expensive if it is bought by sacrificing Satya, Truthfulness or Ahimsa, Non-violence (last week’s Yama).  Following this link will take you to an account of one students experience of practicing Satya.


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