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Incorporating Asteya (Non-stealing) In Your Yoga Practice

September 24, 2010

The theme for this week’s classes is the third of Patanajali’s Yamas, Asteya (Non-stealing).  Asteya encompasses the avoidance of covetousness.  This includes cultivating a less materialistic view of life and reining in desires for things that are not ours to have.  Asteya includes not intimidating someone into doing or giving you something against their wishes or using more natural resources than you need.  Asteya may relate to our asana practice if you compare and want what others have.  Whether this is flexibility, strength, body shape or an advanced forward bend.  Cultivate a sense of completeness and let go of cravings.

Please note that due to an Open Evening the class which normally takes place at Wilmslow High School on a Thursday will be taking place at The Sports Hall, Wilmslow Preparatory School, Grove Avenue, Wilmslow at 7.30.  This link will provide directions if you need them.  Access is via Grove Way.  Grove Way and Grove Avenue are one way.


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