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Incorporating Aparigraha (Non-greediness) In Your Yoga Practice

October 8, 2010

The theme for this week’s classes is Aparigraha (Non-greediness) the last of Patanjali’s Yamas.  It encourages you to separate your true needs from what a merely desires.  Material possessions will not give you lasting happiness because the list of what you desire just continues to spiral onward and upwards.  As one desire is satisfied another emerges.  It is far more important to take time to appreciate what you already have, good food, happy memories, friends and a healthy body.

Aparigraha can show up in your yoga practice as being attached to doing the perfect pose or doing a pose in a certain way.  Alternatively, you may be attached to old tensions or injuries, or to a particular spot in the classroom.

If you are unable to attend regular classes you may wish to consider private tuition which is available locally in Cheshire and South Manchester.


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