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Incorporating Saucha (Purity) in Your Yoga Practice

October 15, 2010

The theme for next week’s lesson is Saucha, the first of Patanjali’s Niyamas, which means “purity” or “cleanliness”.  Saucha has an outer aspect in relation to physical cleanliness and cleanliness of your surroundings.  In addition it has an inner aspect in relation to cleansing the mind of of inappropriate emotions, e.g. hatred, lust, greed and pride.  It encompasses both your diet and purity in thinking.

Below are a  few ways in which you can practice Saucha are to:

  • Clear your office or home of clutter.
  • Include lots of fresh unprocessed food and pure water in your diet.
  • Avoid spending time with toxic people.
  • Use an affirmation, e.g. My mind is clear

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