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Incorporating Svadhyaya (Self Study) In Your Yoga Practice

November 15, 2010

The theme for this week’s lesson is Svadhyaya which means self-study or self observation.  This involves getting to know both the inner self as well as the out self.  One method is to study texts that inspire us and apply these inspirations to our daily lives.  In our asana practice Svadhyaya helps us observe the subtle changes within our bodies from moment to moment.  Applying Svadhyaya in this way enables us to look within and connect with our inner self.   Below are some of the ways that you can apply Svadhyaya:

  • Pause in postures to breath, relax, feel and learn.
  • Pause between your postures to listen and learn from them, they have much to teach you.
  • Allow yourself to learn through experience and enjoy the spirit of exploration.
  • Practice self-study in daily life, every breath is pranayama, every thought is meditation.
  • Be honest about what it is you don’t know or don’t quite understand. 
  • Maybe before retiring each night ask yourself, “what did I learn today”.

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