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The Chakras

January 6, 2011

Happy New Year.

Yoga classes re-start week commencing 10th January 2011 and consist of a course of 11 lessons running up to the end of March with a break of one week for Half-term in February.  If you are interested in attending please contact me.

The theme for the first few weeks is the Chakras, the body’s energy centres. Prana (energy) is said to flow in the body through three main nadis (channels) known as Shusumna, Pingala and Ida.  Shushumna runs through the centre of the spine.  Ida and Pingala start in the nose, (Ida from the left nostril and Pingala from the right).  Ida and Pingala run up to the crown of the head and down to the base of the spine.  They cross with each other and with Shusumna nadi at seven junctions.  These junctions are known as chakras.

The chakras have the effect of balancing the body and mind. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel.  The chakras are spinning vortexes of energy which spin like wheels.   Through external and internal life situations, a chakra can either be lacking or have too much energy and therefore become imbalanced. This course of lessons will give an insight into the chakras so you can enjoy each chakra’s positive experiences and reverse their negative ones.  Yoga asanas will be used to awaken and balance these centres to facilitate healing and help you live life more fully.


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