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Chakra Difficiences

February 4, 2011

In this week’s lesson we will be looking at difficiences that can occur within the Chakras.   Each chakra works with a group of vital organs and together, they ensure the wellness of a person.  Unfortunately,  Chakras can be prone to deficiencies and imbalances.  A Chakra can become over-active or under-active.  During the class we will be looking at some of the difficiences that can occur within the Chakras and how Yoga asanas can have a powerful and beneficial effect on the Chakras and their associated vital organs.

For example, sarvangasana (shoulderstand) exerts a strong pressure on the thyroid glad in the throat region, which is associated with Vishuddhi Chakra.  The thyroid is given a good massage and its functioning is greatly improved.  If concentration is also directed to this chakra whilst performing the asana, the beneficial effects can be increased.  The thyroid gland is responsible for balancing the circulatory, digestive, metabolic, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems.


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