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Manomaya Kosha

March 11, 2011

This week we will be working with Manomaya Kosha, the mental or intellectual sheath.  It is concerned with thinking, daydreaming and the practice of mantra or affirmations.  It is the part of you that creates meaning out of the world you live in.  This layer comprises the passing thoughts and emotions that bubble up in your inner world (chitta vrittis).  During the lessons we will be combining asana with mantra to calm and quieten the passing thoughts enabling you to become more awakened during your practice.  Imbalances in this Kosha are generally noticed as difficulties in relationships, worry and psychological issues. However, an imbalance in this Kosha can also effect the Annamaya (Physical) Kosha and Pranamaya (Energy) Kosha.  During the class we will be using visualization, meditation and mantra in addition to asana, which can be helpful in resolving  imbalances in Manomaya Kosha.  We will also be working on the pose Parighasana (Gate Pose).  This is an intense side stretch practised in a kneeling position which  laterally stretches the pelvic region. In addition it massages and tones the abdominal organs aiding digestion.


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