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Effortless Being

April 15, 2011

There will be no classes taking place from 15 April to 2 May.

The theme for the first lesson in May is “Effortless Being”.

Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras states:  “A yoga pose is mastered by the relaxation of effort, lessening the tendency for restless breathing, and promoting an identification of oneself as living within the infinite breath of life”.

I like this sutra’s idea of relaxing effort.  I feel yoga has become a refuge for some because it gives us permission to relax from the relentless striving characterised by our busy days.  Perhaps you can remember those precious moments at the end of a class when you sense the pure awareness of just being that grows out of a deep stillness in our body and mind.

During this lesson we will be working on achieving this elusive state of effortless being.  However, you may wish to first consider how you can relax effort.  Think of Paula Radcliff running or a professional pianist performing, and the effortlessness in their technique.  Something that suggests perfect concentration and a connection to a greater form.  It is the same in yoga, the external aspects of asana become effortless allowing us to be fully present on three levels, physical, energetic and mental, unified in a deeper presence, resting in the infinite awareness of just being.


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