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Feel Your Ultimate Power

May 10, 2011

We have all had our fair share of good times and bad times, and will know that during the difficult times we need inner strength to pull us through. This week we will be looking at how we can cultivate power and confidence through our yoga practice.  The two key actions to cultivate confidence are repeating poses and holding them for long periods of time.  Some poses may be difficult to hold, but you can repeat them to build power and strength.  Our aim this week will be to hold poses for as long as possible to ignite your willpower.  Muscular action is the most direct expression of willpower in our body.  The Warrior poses engage muscular action and strength.  From this you develop confidence.   There are psychological benefits to challenging yourself to do something you have never done before. Working through difficulties requires tapas, discipline.  This week you will feel your power and maybe do something when your mind or body says it doesn’t want to – that’s empowering.


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