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Spirit of Yoga

September 1, 2011

During week commencing 5th September Yoga classes are resuming at Wilmslow High School, Alderley Edge Community Primary School and at Mullberrys, Astra Zeneca.  This term there is an additional class at Wilmslow High School on a Monday evening.  Full details of classes can be found on the tab entitled classes.  If you are interested in attending any of the classes please do contact me by phone or e-mail. 

The theme for the first week will be ‘The Spirit of Yoga’.  The  style of yoga I teach is Hatha Yoga which is fundamentally about balance.  ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘tha’ means moon, two opposites. The definition of Yoga is union  joining together.  Hatha Yoga is the union of opposites in order to reach balance, mentally, physically and spiritually. Asanas (postures) with proper breathing are used to bring balance and harmony to the body, breath, mind and spirit.   However you can’t measure your yoga practice by your flexibility.  It is not about how your postures look, it is about how they feel, how the energy flows.  To find pleasure in your yoga practice you need to focus on the present moment and what you are doing. During the lessons you will be encourage to pay full attention to what you are doing, feeling every movement and sensation within the body.


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