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Tension & Relaxation

September 16, 2011

Relaxation Candles Heart LightLearning to relax is just as important as performing the yoga postures correctly.  In yoga postures are used to create additional energy within our bodily systems.  Relaxation seals in this energy and provides the right environment for it to to flow naturally through our entire being.

Every physical activity creates tension within our muscles, whether this is physical exertion or as a result of a long day at the office sitting with the back curled forward and the shoulders hunched.  Most people accept this tension as a natural part of their lives.

Muscle tension can block the natural flow of lymph, hormones, nerve impulses, blood and pranic energy.  These blockages may eventually affect other parts of the body creating weaknesses and lowering resistance to disease and infection.

The mind is often just as tense as the body.  Uncontrolled thoughts and emotions can use up as much energy as physical activity, although we are seldom aware of this.

During this week’s classes we will be working on relaxing properly during postures.
Proper relaxation is a gift every one of us should give to our bodies each and every day.


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