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October 3, 2011

This week in my Wilmslow & Alderley Edge classes we are going to practice feeling the body’s foundation and utilizing earth energy. On average a person takes 10,000 steps a day. The feet are our foundation and if our foundation is weak, problems may arise in the rest of the body.  Many aches and pains that arise in the ankles, knees, back, and shoulders can be traced back to issues in the feet.

We may also utilize the earth’s energy to ground and centre ourselves.  This enables us to release excess energy that may have accumulated through stress and tension.  To ground oneself involves making an energetic connection between your body and the earth.  Grounding enables you to train your body to “let go” of tension and stress.  Everyday tension can create physical, emotional and mental stress and fatigue.  Imagine your physical body as a beautiful vase filled with life force.  Daily stress can contaminate this life force, turning it into dirty cloudy water.  Grounding can help empty the vase of excess energy or tension and replenish the life force.


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