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October 9, 2011

During the classes this week in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow we will be looking at the pranic energy we are made of. Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning life force or vital energy. Prana is the energy that flows through our nadis, the subtle energy channels of the body.  The breath is the most significant way in which we bring the pranic energy into our bodies.  We also receive prana from the food we eat, sleep and emotions such as love and happiness.  If your emotions are disturbed or you are not getting sufficient sleep you will find that your prana will become scattered  and your life force depleted.  To remain strong and healthy you need to learn how to keep your prana within the body and not let it seep out.  There may even be times when you will need to step away from disturbing circumstances in order to remain healthy and well.  This is vital to ensure you have sufficient prana left to stay balanced and focused.  Additionally, if your body becomes filled with toxins or tension this will create blockages within the body inhibiting the flow of prana.   The process of holding a yoga pose whilst “breathing through it” can help to dissolve pranic blockages.


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