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Embracing Change

October 14, 2011

During classes this week  in Wilmslow and Alderley Edge will be focusing on embracing change. During the practice of yoga we begin to awaken to the fact that things are constantly changing. The breath, your state of mind, the seasons, the phases of the moon are all constantly changing.  Nothing lasts forever. When we resist change the body contracts, tenses and the natural flow of energies can slow down or even stop completely. This can create energy blocks within the body that can result in a frozen shoulder, tight hip or some other ailment. Consequently we need to accept the changes that occur from day to day, year to year and surrender to the natural flow of life and existence. The practice of asana shows us how our bodies, our minds and the world around us is constantly changing.  This week, through breath, patience and a watchful eye, we will embrace the reality of change, from movement to movement and moment to moment.  If you want to read more about embracing change and the emotions follow this link to Nancy Gerstein’s article


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