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Christmas Relaxation Tips

December 5, 2011

During December classes will be taking place on Monday 5th & 12th December

 Dance Studio, Wilmslow High School at 7.30 pm.

These will be candlelit classes and have a Christmas Theme.

The cost is £6.50 per class.  To reserve a place please telephone 01625 585595.

Normal classes will resume week commencing 9th January 2012.

4 Tips to Relax this Christmas by Carole Fogarty

1: Having trouble sleeping ?  Bring your chin down slightly.  When your head is spinning with lots of thoughts your chin will be slightly up higher than normal.  This simple adjustment helps pacify the mind.

2: Do you hold stress in your stomach area?  Then use your breath to dissolve any tightness and tension.  Place your hands on your belly and feel the rise and fall of your tummy with each inhale and exhale.

3: Massage your ears daily and your whole body will benefit. Rubbing your ears sends happy feelings into your body by triggering the release of brain endorphins.

4: Accept the present moment by thinking gently, eating gently, drinking gently, talking gently, listening gently, shopping gently, cooking gently and driving gently. Live gently this Christmas.


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