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5 Ways Yoga Can Assist With Weight Loss

February 18, 2012

1.  Willpower.  Practice strong balances to improve your concentration and strengthen your willpower.  This will help provide you with the willpower to make healthy eating choices and resist cravings.

2.  Mindfulness.  Practice mindfulness by focusing on your inhalations and exhalations for 5-10 minutes daily.  This will improve your concentration helping you focus on what you are eating at meal times. You will feel fuller after meals and your digestion will improve if you don’t multitask when eating.

3.  Breathe.  When you feel the urge to snack, first breath out for a count of 6 and breath in for a count of 3 a few times to calm the body and mind.  With a clear mind then consider what you are really hungry for. Are you stressed, bored or may be just dehydrated.  Dehydration can often be confused with hunger.  If you are still unsure, drink a glass of water and then reassess how you feel.

4.  Energise the body.  Move away from weight loss goals and move towards what makes your body feel energised.  Eat wholesome unprocessed foods, keep moving, get plenty of fresh air and natural daylight.  The best way to lose weight is a combination of reducing your calorie intake and increasing activity, however, moderation is the key.  Foods with a high glycaemic index keep you satisfied for longer and stabilise blood sugar levels.

5.  Balance your metabolism.  They thyroid produces hormones that balance your metabolism.  If the thyroid is unbalanced your energy levels will be low and you will find it almost impossible to lose weight.  Extreme low calorie diets cause these situations.  Several yoga postures relax, cleanse and energise this area.  Whilst performing the bridge, shoulder stand or plough focus on the breath to cleanse and energise the thyroid at the back of the neck.


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