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5 Yoga Tips for Autumn

September 30, 2014

During the autumn you need to keep your yoga practice calming, warming, grounding and consistent.

1. Ensure you are fully grounded in your standing poses, through the base of your big toes, little toes, the sides of your feet and your heels. Garland and Malasana are good grounding poses.

2. Practice at a slow, steady, comfortable pace. Skip Sun Salutations and practice one pose at a time. Standing poses such as the Warrior and the Triangle are beneficial.

3. Hold postures for a shorter time than normal but do multiple repetitions.

4.Hold postures focusing on the breath, keeping it deep and calm as the lungs need a good smooth flow of oxygen. Practice Ujjayi pranayam, this has the benefit of being a warming breath.

5. When meditating use the mantra So Hum (I Am), it is the sound of the breath. It is especially grounding as it takes us out of our minds and connects us with the body and the breath.  You  silently chant “So” on the in breath and “Ham” on the out breath.



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