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5 Reasons to Spring Clean with Yoga

March 20, 2015

Feel Your Ultimate Power


As the sun gets warmer leaving behind winter, this is the perfect time to spring clean your body and mind with some cleansing, releasing yoga.  Heading into spring our bodies long to start moving and clean out the toxins that have accumulated over the winter months.


1.  The gentle squeezing of muscles during yoga asana helps to mobilise the lympb which carries nutrients and removes waste.

2.  As you stretch idle muscles and use them, toning and strengthening them, higher awareness is developed in the nervous system improving concentration and lateral thinking.

3. As you become aware of tension you hold in joints in muscles, you  gradually learn to release it, freeing energy for other purposes.

4.  The squeezing and twisting movements massage the abdominal area which will enhance your digestive system.

5. The breathing practices in yoga improve health by bringing more oxygen into the body and eliminating carbon dioxide.



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