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5 Tips to Stay Happy & Balanced during Autumn

August 22, 2018

Yoga classes are resuming on 3rd September and details can be found on the “Classes” page.

This is a time when we may feel a little less centred and a little sad that summer is coming to an end. It is a time when our energy levels and activity are increasing in preparation for the colder months. You are not on your own if you are feeling a little scattered or rushed as the winds of change flow.

Below are 5 tips to help you stay happy & balanced during the transition to Autumn.

  1.  Pace yourself and take time to stop and tune into your body and mind. Yoga helps recharge your batteries and enables you to tackle tasks more efficiently. This is a natural time for reflection and restoration.
  2. Try to ensure that there is structure to your day. An erratic schedule can lead to an erratic mind and behavior.
  3. Work on mindful movements, one pose at a time. Focus on developing your awareness of a poses with steadiness and balance.
  4. Focus on the breath by practicing seated poses that allow the breath to flow freely around the abdomen and pelvic floor. Melt into the pose, letting go of stress or anything that no longer serves you, just as the trees let go of their leaves.
  5. Stay grounded and find stillness in silence. This is especially helpful in balancing the fast moving mind. This is an amazing time to establish a meditation practice. Maybe try using the free app “Insight Timer” which contains numerous guided meditations.

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