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5 Ways to Stay Positive During the Coronervirus Pandemic

March 31, 2020



With all the tragic things that are happening around us as at the moment, it is important to stay positive in order to cope with the stress of the situation.  Below are a few ideas that may help you stay positive and also create moments of happiness in your day:


  1. We can feel bombarded by new bulletins so try to choose a single news source and limit the time you spend with it day.
  2. Savour the small moments. The smell of coffee, a warm shower, the spring flowers, the birds singing. Allowing time for the mind to process these feelings will boost your serotonin, a feel good hormone which will elevate your mood.
  3. Spend some quality time wit loved ones who are in lockdown with you. Giving them a hug can boost oxytocin levels which in turn can switch off cortisol, the stress horomone.
  4. Look after your neighbours, the elderly or less fortunate people in your area.  When you tune in to the positive contribution you are making, you are united with others in hope.
  5. Set up and stick to a routine. This can help build energy stores to cope with other aspects of your day that are being made more difficult. Maybe start the day with one or two of your favorite yoga poses to get your energy moving.

This is your opportunity to take charge of your mental health and boost your immunity.


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