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Tips to Help You Sleep

It is extremely important that we get enough sleep as durifng this period complex processes take place to energise and repair the millions of different cells within your body. However, there may be imes when you may have difficulty getting off to sleep. At such times the following exercise may help you.  All you need to do is read through the following passage when you are ready to go to sleep.

  • Remember a time when you felt very tired, and remember how your body felt.
  • Now, keep that feeling and imagine you are surrounded by some of your friends who are just as tired as you.
  • As you look around, notice that one of them yawns. Watch them yawn. Then another one yawns.
  • As more people begin to yawn, notice how you feel, and notice that some people are having difficulty keeping their eyes open.
  • And now let yourself join in the yawning.
  • Notice whether your eyes want to close, and even if your  eyes are already closed, imagine them closing again, imagine them flickering then closing again, over and over again.
  • Yawn again and notice where you feel the yawn -in your throat or jaw – and let your mind drift, and every time you find yourself drifting back again, just look around again at the circle of tired yawning people.
  • As you yawn more, notice a warm, comfortable feeling spreading around you, and let yourself drift again.

By Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna 2009

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